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1.0 Loading the Hopper Insert at least 400 tokens into the top of the hopper, as this will load the hopper for payoffs.4 Turning the Machine On Turn the machine power switch (located halfway up inside of machine on left side) to the.
It can be turned off but when you turn it back on it will still be in the Challenge Game mode.
E-6/ (CO) Prize error.Turn the power switch OFF.First - 1 designed a stand for my first 3 slots machines.Turn off the power switch.Tighten screws that were loosened earler.4.3 Machine does not accept Tokens Machine must be turned.Mis looks para niña, mis looks para niño, más propuestas para primavera/verano 2014 de Mamá en Red: El otro día ya os hablé de las cajas.Dirt tends to build up in the crevice so depress the button to clean this area.Use super glue or stjerne spil spil gratis spil online contact cement to glue the zip tie over the line where the coin rolls down.Remove all coins from the hopper.1.0 Not all machines will give you the option to change between credit and collect.1.0.2 No Lights (fuse picture to be added) Make sure power switch is in the ON position.Index, important Safeguards 3, things in the package 3, getting Started.1.0 3 is a computer on its own accord.Las actividades que se proponen son: crear una maceta con arcilla, un dragón chino con goma EVA y un dècoupage con papeles estampados.
Press the reel spin knob.

At the end of the Big Bonus the wheel will spin again.Basic Description Power switch lever Black slide switch for auto-reset (always-OFF) Setting key hole Volume Controller Reset button (Red button) AA Odds changing button (Green button) Hopper reverse button (Yellow button) ( Y ) Fuse holder Copyright 2005 Stealth Home Amusement all rights reserved.Hopper Copyright 2005 Stealth Home Amusement all rights reserved.8) Retighten the left screw while holding the blue plastic piece down.This will be located on your power supply.Una personalidad inocente, ropa cómoda para un día tan especial para los peques y materiales 100 naturales como el lino o el algodón.4.8 Cleaning Polishing Your Slot For Cleaning the outside Plastic parts of your Slot Machine, spil guiden af oz slot maskine, gratis online spil I online blackjack turneringer kort tal use both novus #1 Plastic Clean Shine as well as Kleenmaster Brillianize.It also protects against smudges and scratching.1.0.0 Game Operation The machine has the capability of "holding" (storing) 1-50 credits on the credit display meter.Push the hopper all the way to the back.