takoon nova 2 wind range

This I think is the best small thing that any bow kite has.
The de-power strap is now spil hitman blood money træner down by the chicken loop again this is personel for me i am soo old school i would prefer that the de-power be in the usual place but i am sure they had a good reason for.View the best collection of how-to gunsmithing videos in the industry.I have not flown it in strong winds but in the light stuff I think it may well t I still need to test the slingshot link and the crossbow 2 in strong winds as well!I would you this option in strong or gusty winds).Nitro Express Shipping Super-Fast, Low-Cost, we're sorry, m requires JavaScript and it appears to be disabled.Advertisements 3rd November 2006 19:09 #2, i know what the website says BUT for a good 12-25 kts kite for a 13 sone/80 kg rider on a 128 x 38 ish board i would defo go for the.
If the wind is light and you feel super safe you can tighten the stopper adjuster ball so that the bar will NOT push pass it hence not give you 100 de-power and NOT dropping the kite out of the sky.
The bits i did NOT like.

The chicken loop rope goes via the hole on the bar as normal on any kite but the bar has a clear tube with two stopper balls one on each end of the clear tube the tube is one about 2" long so whenever you.If you or anyone else needs anymore info on this the nova 2 or any other bow kite call.Skip To Site Navigation, skip To Main Content, skip To Footer search.Just About Everything for Shooting, Hunting and the Outdoors.What is the approx wind range of each size.Other bits that I liked.Reply With", sponsored Links, remove Advertisements.The bar for me is too light!Reply With" 3rd November 2006 20:13 #3 i'm 13 stone and on my 132*38 with the 12m i wouldn't look back, it has incredible grunt that will get you goin really early, 13ktis really nice powered up riding, 15kts sees big floaty jumps, i can't.Semi tighten the adjuster ball at any point on the chicken loop line (closer to the chicken loop for less de-power and closer to kite for more de-power).
The nova 2 is much faster turning as the last one was very slow!