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Prophets are supposed to obey the call of God and instead, Jonah goes in the opposite direction not east to Nineveh but west to Tarshish, thousands of miles away in hope of finding a place unreachable to God.
He is unwilling to see them as God sees them, human beings created and loved by God.
He went down to Joppa and found a ship going to Tarshish; so he paid his fare and went on board, to go with them to Tarshish, away from the presence of the Lord.
Jonah fails to see how Gods creation can only become whole when all elements of creation are drawn into relationship with God.Like Jonah, we want to flee to some place where Gods call cant reach.Happenland Curator and Artist Almudena Baeza in front of my animation.Or, you may want to pick one of the response questions below and meditate on it while moving through the labyrinth.He stepped tenderly on rocks as a reminder of Him who was called The Rock.Like Jonah, our reactions are varied and complex.When we release our breath, wind carries it for use by another creature, perhaps in our backyard or across the oceans or over mountains.Roger de Bucy, Contract Log Flow Manager, Island Timberlands.I always look forward to working with Roc-Star as their expertise and thoroughness keeps my supervisory duties in my comfort zone.They look for solutions, not problems.What feelings come up for me when climate change is mentioned?At the start of the story, we are not told why Jonah flees.Dave Hamilton RFT, Operations Technician, BC Timber Sales.Today, the Word that formed the universe is calling us: to go out to the world and cry out against the destructive, abusive ways humans treat Gods creation.The closer we hold Gods creation as dearly as God does, the greater will our draw be to become better stewards and care-takers of this Earth.
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He saw the divine in all of aspects of creation, referring to them as brothers and sisters.

Sign up, sign.No matter what the circumstances, Roc-Star and their experienced crews can always be counted on to deliver.Is it no wonder that Jonah, a Hebrew prophet, wants nothing to do with the Ninevites?Three Architectural 3d renderings of how screen hung floating behind door with black frame (foam frame wrapped with non-reflective black gaffers tape).They are a great team to work with.Jonah is unable to see why God wants to give the Ninevites a chance to repent.Over the next four weeks of Advent, join us as we explore how we can better our response to Gods call based on the lessons learned from Jonahs experiences.God still yearns to heal the broken parts of creation.Roc-Star (aka Bill Coates) is one of westerns Port Alberni main road construction contractors.VjUDFbgNrZ20, walk a Virtual Chartres Labyrinth.
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